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The American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners, AANLCP is the premier professional member organization of nurses and non-nurses working in the field of life care planning. AANLCP promotes education, collegiality, collaboration, research, and standards as they relate to the practice of Nurse Life Care Planning. If you’re interested in joining a network of practitioners dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of those affected by disability and/or chronic illness, this is the organization for you. 

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Networks foster deeper learning and broaden your exposure across a range of issues.  Connect with other Nurse Life Care Planners

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National Medical Marijuana Guidelines Webinar

April 8th 2020
1:00 PM (EST)


AANLCP Journals

The Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning is the official peer-reviewed publication of the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners. 

AANLCP Journal Fall 2020
AANLCP Journal Fall 2020
Durable Medical Equipment and NLCP
AANLCP Journal Summer 2020
AANLCP Journal Summer 2020
Evidence Based Practice
AANLCP Journal Spring 2020 Advances in Amputation
AANLCP Journal Spring 2020 Advances in Amputation
AANLCP Journal Winter 2020
AANLCP Journal Winter 2020
Spinal Cord Injury Updates
AANLCP Journal FALL 2019
AANLCP Journal FALL 2019
Technology Update
AANLCP Journal Summer 2019
AANLCP Journal Summer 2019
Pain Management

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The program provides you and your immediate family non-insured benefits that help you save on medical and everyday expenses so you can keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs – in your wallet.


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