• Active member holding membership in AANLCP for greater than a year.
  • A registered nurse or an individual in the health or human services profession actively providing life care planning services, including individuals designated as holding a license or professional degree or certification in life care planning.

Application and selection Process

  • Information regarding the Educational Scholarship application will be published in the fourth quarter issue of the AANLCP Journal, in the AANLCP Newsletter and on ANLCP’s website.
  • The applicant must agree to submit a short article or letter to the Executive Board regarding the benefit of the educational experience following attendance at following annual conference. This short article or letter will become the property of AANLCP and may be published.
  • Applicants must submit the AANLCP Educational Scholarship application form to AANLCP’s office by February 1st of the year of submission. AANLCP’s Operations Manager will remove all identifying applicant information prior to submitting applications to the Executive Board for
  • The Executive Board will incorporate the scholarship application review into the February meeting agenda to select the scholarship recipient for that
  • The scholarship recipient will be notified by the President.

Award Presentation

  • The announcement of the scholarship recipient will occur at the AANLCP Annual Educational Conference by the President of the association.


  • Educational Scholarship funding must be utilized for the AANLCP annual educational conference during the calendar year of the award.
  • The Educational Scholarship may not be awarded annually.
  • The Executive Board determines the candidate’s criteria through the application process.
  • Membership on the Executive Board does not preclude application; however, the member must recuse him/herself from any discussion regarding the award during that period.
  • Award recipients may apply again in three years.
  • The Executive Board, at the annual Strategic Planning Meeting, will determine the amount of the award.