The American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (AANLCP®) Awards and Recognition Program is supported by these values:

  • Promoting professional excellence in the practice of nurse life care planning through participation with the association.
  • Striving to promote education, collegiality, collaboration, research, and standards as they relate to the practice of nurse life care planning.
  • Expanding the recognition of nurse life care planning through association members, partners, exhibitors, and others.

The Ambassador Award

The AANLCP Ambassador Award was established in recognition of Denise Nelson for her contributions to AANLCP and its members. Denise served as the AANLCP Operations Manager from 2004 until her retirement in 2015. She advanced the association through support, insight, strategic planning, and most importantly, as the association ambassador. Denise regularly went above the call of duty in promoting the organization, providing support to nurses in need, and contributing to the association goals and mission.

The Ambassador Award recognizes a member who has notably exceeded the traditional membership role in increasing awareness of the association and advocating for the role of the nurse life care planner. The award recipient contributes to nurse life care planning by encouraging the leadership of others and demonstrates the remarkable ability to foster ambassadorship to fellow nurses, the industry, partners, and the community.

AANLCP Education Annual Scholarship

The Educational Scholarship provides an opportunity for an active member of the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (AANLCP®) to pursue further education in nurse life care planning by attendance at AANLCP’s Annual Educational Conference or through the association’s webinars.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an active member who demonstrates outstanding support through significant contributions to the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (AANLCP®). The Executive Board is responsible for the coordination of the nomination, application, selection, and the notification process related to the awarding of the Distinguished Service Award.

The Dedication Award

The Dedication Award is presented to an active AANLCP® member who is deeply committed to advance the profession of Nurse Life Care Planning. The award seeks to honor and extend gratitude to each recipient. It focuses on each recipient’s outstanding work and dedication to not only our industry, but AANLCP as a whole, demonstrating leadership, service, and guidance to others to achieve excellence.